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Passionate about dentistry, Dr. Linscott's personal philosophy goes far beyond the usual. Dedicated perfection, mastery of skill, and long term patient relationships are the cornerstones of his practice. Spend some time with him and you will understand what we mean when we say creating exceptional dentistry is his principal joy in life. By definition, exceptional dentistry goes unnoticed by your family and friends. Instead, they notice how much happier and self-confident you are, and how much more easily a smile escapes your lips.

Dr. Linscott won't dictate how your teeth should look – his ultimate goal is for your smile to make you happy and to function properly. He will do whatever it takes to make sure that your smile is perfect for you, bringing together all of his experience and talent for your long-term quality of life.

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Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

Thourough dental care using the latest technology and techniques to provide you with results that you may not even have thought were possible.



We offer complete x-ray services with full body shielding in addition to advanced optical diagnostics.

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Dr. Linscott thank you for making it a pleasure once again to eat a great steak and smile with abandon... Donald
Your dental health may not be on the top of your mind, but it's at the top of Dr. Linscott's.